Charlotte Times 8

The Great Marine Eights

Lyrics Edit

Under the oceans are octopi aplenty.

They have tentacles two fifths of twenty.

This is exciting.  I can't wait for the Great Marine Eights.

Octopi and spiders here sing songs.

Like eight sides make up an octagon.

Do not swim where you think there are sharks.

Stay away or you will be in the dark.

If you are patient, you'll sit and wait.

That's because eight times one is eight.

Or you might explore a world unseen.

If so you'll see eight times two's sixteen.

The way I swim on the ocean floor.

I know eight times three is twenty-four.

Go around the world in octal ooze.

Since eight times four equals thirty-two.

Go off to our ocean's volcanoes.

Eight times five equals forty you know!

(Speaking): Products of eight are the same as double four or quadruple two. In other words, it makes sense that two times four is eight. Octopi have eight tentacles which make them distinguishable from squids which have ten tentacles, not eight like an octopus.

(Singing): Now back to our number parade.

Eight times six equals forty-eight.

Seawater can make humans sick while eight times seven is fifty-six.

What is everyone waiting for.

Admit eight times eight is sixty-four.

What are we going to have to do?

Eight times nine equals seventy-two.

Pretend like you're underwater skating.

Since eight times ten is eighty.

There may be even so much more.

But now, you must go back to shore.