Mindy Times 7

Seven Fun Rides

Lyrics Edit

I would always welcome theme parks as they're always fun inside.

When I go to this one, I can go on seven wacky rides.

But imagine that there are more than one of this in a chain.

If I do not see one soon, then public will be such a pain.

I would always do most anything to obtain what I seek.

That would be twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Now that we are here right now, it's time to do the show.

It is counting up by sevens here as everybody knows.

I am here with my little son Irv and his best friend Devon.

They are precisely the same age.

Seven times one is seven.

But, I need to set them limits, or their rides will be unseen.

They will be grounded for two weeks.

Seven times two is fourteen.

If they maintain good behavior though, this will be lots of fun.

There's 3 seven dollar sandwiches that equals twenty-one.

My love for my son and expectations always seal his fate.

If there's anything I know, that's seven times four's twenty-eight.

I need to keep them in line if my sanity will survive.

Although, they are nice to tell me seven times five's thirty-five.

If they're good the whole trip, I will later take them to the zoo.

With the knowledge here that seven times six equals forty-two.

They have behaved so far, so the rides are their choices, not mine.

But I have to admit seven times seven is forty-nine.

The games in here are far more fun than my young one's pickup sticks.

I will teach the boys to learn seven times eight is fifty-six.

When we are all done here, then we might have so much more to see.

It is clear to everyone that seven times nine's sixty-three.

But while we're having fun and seven times ten is seventy.

The children are so exhausted and it's really time to leave.