High School

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4.0 Credits English

3.0 Credits Math

3.0 Credits Science

2.5 Credits Social Studies

0.5 Credits Consumer Education

3.5 Credits PE

0.5 Credits Health

1.0 Credit Electives

18.0 Credits Subtotal

6.0 Credits Additional Electives

24.0 Total Graduation Credits

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Students must enroll in a core English course every semester in high school. The English curriculum develops language skills chronologically from freshman through senior levels. Writing-based courses introduce and build on all writing process aspects including literary analyses, personal essays, creative writings and speeches. Furthermore, reading development is approached through the various literary works in all courses. High school level literature contains mature content.

The first 3 High School years consist of full-year classes while Senior Year consist of either full-year World Literature and Composition or two of seven alternative semester-long choices.

Meanwhile, the communication electives may not count toward the English graduation requirements, but they can be taken for personal enjoyment and to add to subtotal electives and additional ones.

Freshman Courses Edit

Literature and Composition Survey Edit

Sophomore Year Edit

American Literature and Composition Edit

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Junior Courses Edit

British Literature and Composition Edit

Year-Long Grade 11

Senior Courses Edit

World Literature and Composition Edit

Year-Long Grade 12

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Music Theory Edit

Western Music History Edit

Grades 9-12 Year-long

This class introduces the historical concepts of Western Classical Music. The first semester begins with the origins of music and ends with the early Baroque Era. Semester two begins with the late Baroque era and stops at the 20th Century Classical Music. Coursework will involve listening to topic-appropriate music, in-class demonstrations and attendance at community concerts. Some required homework will involve listening to works from composers like Bach, Mozart, Berlioz and Ravel while high school or college level concert attendance could be used to receive extra credit. Attending an East Baltimore HS concert counts unless the student is performing at a required concert for any chorus, band or orchestra class. This class can be taken with or without musical performance experience though a performance class may make its coursework easier to understand. Another extra credit opportunity involves listening to and analyzing film music like that of Star Wars movies from 1977 Episode IV: A New Hope and beyond, the songs Be Our Guest and Tale as Old as Time from Disney's 1991 movie, Beauty and the Beast and the scores from Warner Bros. 2001-2011 Harry Potter movie adaptations.

American Music History Edit

Grades 10-12 Year-long Prerequisite: Western Music History

This music history class takes students through American Popular Music's historical background. The first quarter focuses on America's earliest popular music up to 1885 while quarter two deals with Blues and Jazz. Third quarter's focus is on American popular song and the fourth and final quarter deals with Postwar Folk, Country, R&B, Rock & Roll and Hip Hop. Coursework includes field trips to concerts, in-class listening sessions and demonstrations from visiting performers of the discussed music, especially in Quarter 4. Like in Western Music History, performance-based classes are no prerequisite to this class, but the noted class is. Core homework involves listening to works from figures such as Scott Joplin, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, John Denver, Bill Monroe, Alan Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and Ice-T. Some extra credit could involve making a playlist based on the content discussed in class and taking notes on concerts attended in the student's leisure. Another extra credit option involves listening to movie music based on lessons such as the jazz scores from Disney's 2009 movie, The Princess and the Frog and the popular song Somewhere Over the Rainbow from the 1939 Judy Garland film, The Wizard of Oz.

World Music History Edit

Grades 11-12 Year-long Prerequisite: Western Music History & American Music History

This course deals with history of music from all over the world. First quarter deals with African music while quarter two focuses on music of the Middle East. Afterwards, third quarter will involve Asian and Indian music and the fourth and final quarter will have emphasis on Caribbean, and Latin American music. Coursework will involve listening to course-based pieces and field trips to concerts in areas like Chinatown and cabarets that with international cuisines. Some major pieces of required homework will be listening to appropriate music and studying genres of worldwide music such as Calypso, Reggae, Mambo, Rumba, Mariachi, Dangdut and Tejano. There are also several extra credit options such as renting, practicing and performing with international instruments like maracas, the djembe and the steel drum. No performance experience necessary while success in the previous two music history classes are. Another extra credit option would involve listening to world music concerts outside school hours or using their knowledge to understand the music in films such as reggae from Disney's 1989 movie, The Little Mermaid's Under the Sea or any of the Mariachi music from Disney and Pixar's 2017 film, Coco.

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