Darienee Times 4

Four Element Journey

Lyrics Edit

Welcome to the Avatar World.

We will battle with a hurl.

But don't get all down and dirty.

This is the Four Element Journey.

(Speaking): Water, Earth, Fire, Air!  We can bend them without hair!

(Singing): Most animals have four legs while quadrliateals have four sides.

Lots of families have two parents and kids which is four in all.

We have battled in a long war.

Four times one is four.

We keep it up to end all hate.

Four times two is eight.

Get your huge scrolls off my shelves.

Four times three is twelve.

If we split each of our elements into four beams, we would get four times four which is sixteen.

Katara has healing powers aplenty.

(Speaking): Four times five is twenty.

(Singing): Toph can settle the score as four times six is twenty-four.

Sokka has a girlfriend. Isn't that great?!

Four times seven is twenty-eight.

Zuko's personality was long split in two.

(Speaking): Four times eight is thirty-two.

(Singing): Azula really makes me sick!

Four times nine is thirty-six.

My bison friend is literally very horny.

Four times ten is forty.

I'm Avatar Aang master of four.

Four times eleven's forty-four.

General Iroh is good to date.

Four times twelve is forty-eight.

I'd love to include you Momo, but now, it's time to go.