Monica Times 5

Five Senses of Fun

Lyrics Edit

As you all know in pretenses, everybody has five senses.

See, hear, smell, touch and taste.

Do not think that is a waste.

If you are a pentagon, then your five sides will sing along.

Every basketball team has at least five players as well.

Five times one is five. That's clear as a bell.

From the Grand Canyon to Big Ben, you'll see five times two is ten.

(Speaking): Now, you've probably noticed that the product of five and an even number has a zero in the ones column while that of five and an odd number has five as a one's digit.

(Singing): Five is the greatest number the world has ever seen.

That number times three will equal fifteen.

While there are numbers aplenty, five times four is twenty.

It's everyone's duty to keep kids alive.

Five times five is twenty-five.

As you see a birdie remember that five times six is thirty.

Be careful of how fast you drive.

Five times seven's thirty-five.

Rural fields are quite corny while five times eight is forty.

You can be broadcast live on channel nine times five or forty-five.

While stores can be thrifty, five times ten is fifty.

(Speaking): This is true on the five senses of fun, driving, agriculture and so much more. Remember though that there are more multiples of five beyond fifty but no more time for more than five times eleven is fifty and five times twelve is sixty. That's all folks!