Sophia Times 12

Chickens by the Dozen

Lyrics Edit

I have eggs from chickens by the dozen.

As you know, a dozen eggs does equal twelve.

Yes, stores that sell eggs often stock them as dozens.

You will find that whenever you reach the shelves.

There are twelve numbers on the clock and twelve months in a year.

Same number of sides on a dodecagon.

If you're stuck on twelves, see that it's double six and triple four.

This fact is perfect a pure paragon.

(Speaking): Twelve extends the times tables two places past ten and is the last of the basic multiplication tables. In fact, you will hear the products in this times table as follows. 

(Singing): Leave a dozen eggs on the shelf, and you will get twelve times one or twelve. 

Put together AM and PM in your clock at the door and you'll see that twelve times two is twenty-four.

If you have three dodecagons designed from sticks, you will find out twelve times three is thirty-six.

Make sure that you close all four garden gates!  Twelve chicks in each one, that makes forty-eight.

If you eat spinach, do not act DW-ish picky.  You have an hour that five twelves or sixty.

You have got to find something you can do besides obsess that twelve times six equals seventy-two.

Eighty-four and ninety-six are multiples of twelve that are multiplied by each of seven and eight.

If you do your homework accordingly, you'll see that nine times twelve is just one hundred eight.

You can go from rags to riches aplenty if you see ten times twelve's a hundred twenty.

One thirty-two and one forty-four are each eleven and twelve.  

Now, it's time to ring the dismissal bell.